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“I am building because I want a stable home for me and my family.”

Natasha Ferguson works in Team Resources for BayCare Health System and is on her journey towards a safe and stable home for her and her family. Natasha is driven as a single mother to support her two children: 17- year- old Jeremy who will be joining his mother on this journey for housing, and her daughter who is currently serving in the Air Force overseas in Kuwait. Jeremy is about to start his senior year in high school, and shares an interest in sports and music with his older sister. Following her recent divorce, Natasha hopes for a fresh start for her and her children.

Natasha, like many other families in the community, struggles to find affordable housing with the rising rent costs. However, she knows this fight is necessary to get her son closer to the medical professionals and doctors’ appointments he has at John Hopkins in St. Petersburg. “I currently live 45 minutes to an hour or more most times (with traffic) from the hospital and his doctors.” Because the rent market is so high, Natasha has expressed how difficult it has been to find affordable housing hear the hospital for her son. Natasha also explains the importance of her familial support from her parents, and “…an affordable home that is closer to them would be very beneficial and appreciated.”

When Natasha found out she was accepted into the Habitat program, she “…was so happy and felt so blessed”.  In addition to being able to provide a safe home for her family, Natasha looks forward to be able to care for her own yard. Through the Habitat program, Natasha will be able to live more peacefully. “Habitat is providing me peace of mind in knowing that I will have a home for me and my children without the stress of rent increases.” As Natasha works hard for her family to have a forever home, she encourages others to join this rewarding process as well. “It’s a great program and a great opportunity to become a homeowner as well as giving back to your community and the needs of others.”

“My house will be a forever home for me and my children.”

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