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“My children inspired me to never give up on my goal, and to keep pushing. My house will be our safe haven. It will be our forever home.”

The William’s are very family-oriented and love to be together. Jontrice, a Medical Assistant, is a mother to four. “I love my kids and try to be the best mother to them. It gets hard at times but I never show them that. I always try to instill into that that you can do whatever you put your mind to, to never give up, and always give your all.

Jontrice’s two oldest sons, Jaiylan and Jaiden, are very athletic and love football and basketball. Her only daughter, Janiyla, loves Barbies and playing school. Her youngest son, Thaddeus, loves cars and is a huge Spiderman fan. “We are Christians and attend Bethel Community Baptist Church. Jaiden plays football for Lakewood Jr. Spartans, and Janiyla cheers for the team. Jailan loves to be playful at all times. Thaddeus is very energetic and loves everybody with a warming heart.”

The family has experienced an abundance of problems in their current living situation. Their overcrowded home has plumbing issues, which is very difficult with only one bathroom. The washing machine backs up into the kitchen sink. Mold is growing around the air conditioning unit. The front door has water damage from Hurricane Irma, and is being destroyed from termites. The kitchen cabinets are being separated from the walls. The wooden porch is bending, and may fall any day. With all this, they are in major need of a safe and comfortable home.

“When I was accepted into the Habitat program I was so overwhelmed with joy. Tears started rolling down my eyes. I have waited so long for this to finally come into play. I applied almost two years ago and was denied at first, but I never gave up hope.” Jontrice looks forward to gaining new friends, and helping other families work towards the same goals that she has.

“I look forward to being able to decorate my kids room the way we want to. To be able to have family gathering, and to know that I’m putting money into a home that is mine.”

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