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“I am building because I am teaching my kids every day how to keep going, no matter what.”

Alicia Williams, a single mother and accounting assistant for Surgical Pathology Laboratories, is on an inspiring journey with Habitat for Humanity. Alicia has two children, her 18-year-old son Justus, and her 16-year-old daughter Cereniti. As a family of three, they have always stuck together through every challenge, growing closer with each step of their journey. Justus enjoys gaming, spending time with friends, participating in the school choir group, and occasional shopping. Cereniti, on the other hand, loves staying active, shopping, and working.

Alicia’s life took a drastic turn at the end of 2022 when her family had to move from a 3-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment due to the landlord’s decision to sell the property. This change brought financial strain, especially as a single-income household. However, when Alicia was accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program, she was filled with surprise, joy, and excitement, seeing it as a true blessing at this point in her life. She envisions a life with less financial struggle and is committed to learning and making strides towards success.

For Alicia, building her Habitat home goes beyond just having a roof over their heads. It is a testament to her resilience as a mother and provider, teaching her children the importance of perseverance no matter the circumstances. Her house will be a safe space, a place of peace and safety for her and her children. Alicia shares, “I will finally have peace of mind, and I will become strong again, and then I can rebuild my life and put my family back together and maybe start a business or go back to school and find a career I can handle in my older years! This is my future!”

You can support families like Alicia’s and contribute to the incredible work of Habitat for Humanity by shopping at their ReStores. By doing so, you will not only find unique and affordable items, but also help fund our’s efforts in building homes and transforming lives. To learn more about our ReStores, please visit our ReStore Page.

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