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“It’s not just a house, it’s a home with tons of new opportunities and possibilities.”

Meet Nikkita Houston, a strong and determined single mother who works as a Vocational Rehab Specialist at Bay Pines VA. Nikkita is raising two incredible children: her 13-year-old daughter Elane and her 5-year-old son Chase. Both kids have a wide range of interests, including sports like basketball, volleyball, t-ball, and softball, as well as drawing, painting, and skating.

Nikkita’s journey has been one of perseverance and resilience. After leaving her ex-husband, she found a small house to provide a roof over her and her children’s heads. However, as her kids grew, she realized that their current living space was no longer sustainable. The increasing rent added additional strain to their lives. When she got accepted into the Habitat for Humanity program, she was overwhelmed with shock and excitement. “I felt truly blessed to have this opportunity for my kids and me,” Nikkita shares.

Having their own space means a lot to Nikkita and her children. They look forward to putting down roots in a forever home where they can breathe better without any air quality issues. Nikkita’s kids are thrilled about the prospect of having more room to grow and explore their interests. “A new home will mean no more moving days. Having a forever home is something we all look forward to,” Nikkita says joyfully.

For Nikkita, a home is not just a house; it’s a place where they feel safe, loved, and can create lasting memories together. It’s a space where they can live, laugh, and love freely, knowing they have a stable foundation for their future. Nikkita’s determination to provide her children with a better life and a secure home is truly inspiring.

You can be a part of making Nikkita’s dream come true by supporting Habitat for Humanity and shopping at Habitat ReStores. Every purchase helps build homes, communities, and hope for families in need. To learn more about how to shop, donate, or volunteer at our ReStores, please visit our ReStore Page on our website.

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