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“All of the work I’ve done has prepared me for my home. Now that I’m a Habitat homeowner, I can share my dream with my family.”

Mary, an Environmental Tech at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, is committed to providing her family with a stable home. “My children and I are very close. We express our love for one another every opportunity we have. We are all that we have, so we value our family.”

Mary has two adult sons, Christopher and Djakarta, who have children of their own. Her granddaughter, Myasia, loves to dance and socialize with her family and friends.

“I’ve always wanted my children to know that we are worthy of homeownership. We have always been renters, many times in low-income areas, and this has been a source of my sorrow.”

When she was accepted into the Habitat program, Mary said her prayers were finally answered. “I’m still rejoicing with each phase of the process- land selection, telling my family, first brick laid, everything!” She was grateful to help make other families’ houses their homes through the sweat equity process. “I’m humbled by the experience. There is nothing more gratifying than being a part of the Habitat family.”

Mary has been looking forward to feeling safe in her own home and her new community. “I can’t wait to have my family over for Thanksgiving. I’ve never had my family over for dinner, but I believe a new home symbolizes new beginnings.”

Mary closed on her home in March of 2020 and was ecstatic to become a homeowner. “My house will be built on a foundation of love. Love from Habitat, love for my family, and love from God.”

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