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“At last our dreams of having our own home are being fulfilled.”

The Rengifo-Hernandez family moved here from Ecuador in hopes of finding a quiet place full of opportunities to grow as a family, which is a dream they have had for a long time.

Richard and Ester have two sons, Joan and Gabriel. They both enjoy science, math, history, Legos, and practicing Taekwondo. Richard graduated as a nurse in his home country, and now works as a welder. Ester works as a manicurist. Richards says, “My wife is always willing to overcome obstacles. My children are very intelligent, and do very well in school.”

Before moving to the United States, “We worked selling food in the streets of Quito, Ecuador. It was not easy, but we never gave up. Then we were given the opportunity to come to this country, which is a different culture and a new language without family or close friends. It was not easy to start over, but we are always looking forward. Our dream is getting closer and closer.”

The family has had a great experience completing the required 450 sweat equity hours. They have been able to relate to the other homeowner families, who also are looking forward to “living in a home surrounded by good people.” Richard says, “It is a great opportunity to have your own home, and help others at the same time.”

“I have always wanted to have a house with a backyard to plant, and my children can have a quiet place to play. My house will be a beautiful place where there is always room for those who need it. I am building because I want to move my family forward.”

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