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“I will be the first of my family to be a homeowner. My mother has never owned a home, so not only is this a first in our family, but a huge stepping stone in life for me.”

Leighann, a Senior Supervisor for Capital One, is a family-oriented mother with four children. “My children are my world, and they are the reason I strive so hard to make sure they are taken care of. I was poor growing up, and I watched my mother struggle. I promised myself I would provide a life for them that I did not have.”

The family shares a love for music, laughter, and being together. Her oldest daughter, Leilani, loves to draw and sing. Her second-oldest daughter, Jerriana, is very passionate about dancing and music. Leighann’s only son, Khavie, loves to play with cars and watch his favorite TV show- Team Umizoomi. Her youngest, Imia, loves to play dress-up- especially like a princess. “My children love to be outside any chance they get. The oldest two love school, and almost hate it when a break comes around. We all love the make one another laugh, and have fun together.”

The family currently lives in an overcrowded home where they are burdened with cracks in a ceiling that looks as if it is about to cave in. Her daughter is allergic to mold that grows in the home, so she is constantly sick. The neighborhood they are in is unsafe, and they have dealt with multiple home invasions on the street they live on. “I just don’t feel safe or comfortable.”

Leighann was ecstatic to find out she was going to be a homeowner, and said her first thought was “My children will forever have a home to go to.” She is excited for family gatherings and dinners, and says that her home means everything to her. “I still look at my welcome email at least once a week!”

“Having a home means everything to me, but having a Habitat home means so much more. This opportunity will change our lives forever. Being a homeowner will forever put me at ease, and give me the peace of mind that I need. I look forward to getting up early in the morning, sitting outside on the front porch with a cup of tea, and listening to the birds chirp as the sun rises.”

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