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“This is an opportunity to promote my own growth in life through hard work and dedication.”

William, a single father to two, has worked as a Certified Pharmacy Technician for the past eight years. He describes himself as being focused and goal-oriented. “I love my family more than anything, and only want the best for them.”

His youngest son, William Jr., enjoys swimming, watching Power Rangers and other cartoons, and loves to draw. His daughter, Da’Niyah, loves school (especially math). She also likes to sing, dance, and play board games in her free time. “Both of my children are fun, loving, and caring. Da’niyah is very outgoing and silly. She is always trying to help with anything that she can, and always ready to try something new. Jr can be a goofball at times. He always likes to play games.”

The family currently lives with William’s mother in Tampa, which makes his daily commute to work a lot more difficult. The children share a bedroom, and most of their belongings are packed away in the garage because of limited space. When he was accepted into the Habitat program, William says he was “shocked and overjoyed. Shocked because I usually don’t qualify for any programs of assistance due to my income. However, I was struggling just to stay afloat, which left me confused as to how that could be. I was excited to feel like I’m finally headed in the direction that I want to be in for my family.”

William started his volunteer journey helping a friend and his family with hours towards their home. He now has their help working towards his own. “I expect to learn everything that I can. I like all aspects of homebuilding, and I feel like this is a great way to pick up knowledge and meet people with a common goal.”

I hope to have wonderful neighbors that will become friends. I want to provide a home that my kids can grow up in, and have something to leave them. I’m most looking forward to having something to call our own.”

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