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“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”

Aminah Walker is a single mom who is a part of the Habitat for Humanity program, striving to provide a stable home for herself and her three sons: Armani (18), Amarrion (15), and Armand (9). Each of her boys is unique in their passions and interests. Armani lives and breathes basketball, Amarrion thrives on quality family time and sports, and Armand is immersed in his friendships and the world of gaming.

Aminah’s story is one of hard work, resilience, and the unbreakable bond she shares with her sons. Describing herself, she says, “I am a hard-working and driven individual who isn’t afraid to face a challenge. Trustworthy and loving.” Her sons are her biggest blessings, embodying qualities that make her immensely proud. “They are responsible, caring, kind, and respectful boys. They mean absolutely everything to me.”

Their living situation has been a challenge with the ever-rising housing costs. Aminah realized that paying towards something they own is a more stable path than constantly grappling with unpredictable rent hikes. She longs for a safe neighborhood where her boys can freely explore. Being accepted into Habitat for Humanity was a life-changing moment for her. She exclaimed, “I was at a loss for words. This was life-changing for me.”

Aminah’s appreciation for Habitat for Humanity is profound. She sees it as an opportunity to build a strong foundation for her family. “Me and the boys’ life will be COMPLETE… Having a place to call our own is a blessing in itself.” Aminah wants to provide her sons with stability and security, teaching them the values of hard work and determination. She envisions her home as a hub of love, laughter, and lifelong memories.

Habitat for Humanity’s impact on Aminah’s journey is immeasurable. She describes it as “an amazing organization, amazing opportunity, a blessing to me and my family.” If you’d like to contribute to Habitat for Humanity’s mission and support families like Aminah’s, consider donating today. Together, we can help create safe and stable homes for families in need. Your generosity can be a catalyst for positive change in their lives. Learn more on our Donate Page.

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