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“I am building because I am prepared for this next season of life and the journey it will come with.”

Kahini, a Registered Nurse for Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, is working towards her dream of homeownership. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Health Science – Pre Clinical in 2018 and after realizing she had more of an interest in bedside nursing and being an advocate for her patients, she returned to school at Rasmussen University and obtained a second degree in Nursing. In her free time, Kahini enjoys exploring the outdoors, reading, writing short stories, and singing. “I write my own music and feel at most peace and most close to God when I am singing,” she tells us.

While Kahini was in nursing school, she barely had time to work, so she struggled a lot financially. To help save money, she moved in with her boyfriend at the time and his family. There were five people living in a two bedroom home, which made it difficult to live comfortably and study for her classes. After a sudden breakup with her boyfriend, she was contemplating leaving the Habitat program. However, Kahini tells us she was “quickly reassured of the family within habitat and all the support I still had as well as the fact that I would still qualify for the land offered to us. Habitat has been supportive and here for me throughout some of the biggest milestones in my life and I am forever grateful for their support.”

After receiving the call that she was accepted into the Habitat program, all Kahini could feel was pure joy. “I couldn’t stop smiling when I got that phone call from Jack. I felt joy and so grateful to have the opportunity. A moment I will forever remember.” So far, she has really enjoyed earning sweat equity through her zoom online classes. She has learned about a lot of topics so far such as fire safety, insurance, spending and budgeting, how to be a homeowner, CPR, and home maintenance. Kahini tells us “I could not imagine stepping into this new season of life without having all of this information. There have also been modules and assignments that are relative to becoming a homeowner that are needed and helpful.”

“My life and future will be different with a habitat home because I will reside in a place of community. I have individuals who are on this journey with me. With a habitat home I also have resources that are available to me and connections across the board. I matter to the individuals I will be paying my mortgage to, my life and story matters.” Kahini is most looking forward to having a place that she can call her own. She is eager to start a new life where she can save for the future and eventually start a family.

Homeownership is a dream for many individuals, just like Kahini. If you are interested in learning more about referring someone or applying to the Habitat program, you can find more information on our website on our Apply Page.

“My house will be a place in which people come and experience joy, laugher, conversations of depth, and Jesus’ love.”

The Triffo Family home was dedicated on January 13th, 2022 and was sponsored by the West Pasco Hammers & Heels 2021-2022 Women’s Build.

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