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“My house will be a safe haven and filled with love because God will be the center.”

Kelvin Torres has worked as a Human Resource Specialist for St. Petersburg College and as a Recruiter for the past 4 years. He his married to his wife Carolina, and together they have 3 children together: 10- year-old Kaelanys, 8- year- old Leah, and 8- month- old Adrian. Kaelanys is interested in sports, such as basketball and football, as well as piano and Legos! Leah enjoys drawing, music, and doing gymnastics. Kelvin and Carolina are strong believers in their faith, both having worked at their church. They encourage a tight- knit faith-based family. As a family, they love spending time together, whether that’s playing board games or going to the movies, they just enjoy being in the presence of each other.

In mid- 2019, Kelvin lost his job. They struggled to pay for the apartment, until he earned another job. When Covid hit, it gave the family time to catch up on their expenses, until things normalized again and burdens built up. They were fortunate to have a supportive family, allowing Kelvin to move in with his brother. When the family discovered that they were expecting, they looked for more housing programs, however, it always felt like dead ends. After Adrian’s birth, Kelvin’s parents offered them a place in their home to get themselves back on their feet financially. After time, the family was able to pay off their debt, and they got accepted into the Habitat program.

Kelvin looks forward to a life of stability, a place his kids can call home. “This will be the home that we all think back at as our home” Kelvin tells us. He expressed excitement over being able to modify the home to their desires, making it a space they can call their own. Kelvin paints a picture of simplicity when describing what he is most looking forward to; “The first night will have boxes all over the rooms, fresh smell of paint, some pizza or takeout food because of the move but then there will be a moment where in the silence amid the chaotic scene, approval”. He explains that he wants his family to have trust in him to provide and care for them, that they can trust him to be responsible for their lives.

If you or your business is interested in donating to or sponsoring a home for a family such as the Torres’, please check out our Donate Page on our website to learn more about how you can support our program and the families in our community.

“Habitat is an organization of hope and if they can assist in any way to actually get someone accepted, they will.”

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