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“I am building to give my twins what I didn’t have as a child.”

Gwendolyn Edwards is a housekeeping manager at Homewood Suites Hotel, and a single mother to 3-year-old twin boys: Darius and Bryson. The boys enjoy watching YouTube, listening to music, and exploring! Gwendolyn is a caring, hardworking person. She is proud of all the medical problems her boys have overcome at such a young age.

Gwendolyn, like so many others, faces financial struggles that are exacerbated by increasing rent. She was residing in an apartment where her landlord is planning on raising the already high rent, higher. Because of this, Gwendolyn is unable to save up, living paycheck to paycheck. She works hard, leaving her very little time to see her boys. The apartment itself is not safe for a family, and Gwendolyn is scared for the safety of her and her sons. She hopes to raise her family in a safe, stable home.

Thanks to the Habitat program, Gwendolyn envisions a safe place to call home. She imagines that “…my sons will be safe in my eyes. My sons will have their own place to call home… be able to raise their families in their home.” Gwendolyn wants to foster a loving environment in her home, one where her twins can feel the love they have supporting them. In Gwendolyn’s words, “Habitat for Humanity is a life changing program. Habitat for Humanity is acceptance. Habitat for Humanity are open arms for all.” She encourages other families to not be scared of what is to come because of the support given by Habitat. For more information on how to apply or refer someone to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

“I’ll be able to represent Habitat for Humanity for life, and I’ll be a proud homeowner.”

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