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“My house will be my family’s safe spot.”

Stephan Thomas has been a bus driver for PSTA for the past 5 years. He met his wife, Samantha, 12 years ago, and now they have 6 children together: 9- year- old Avia, 7- year- old Emmi, 6- year- old Rylee, 4- year- old Luke, 2- year- old Levi, and 1- year- old Penny. Avia enjoys arts- and- crafts, such as origami, and the TV show Miraculous. Emmi loves princesses and her favorite color is pink! Rylee’s favorite show is Bluey and loves the color green. Luke is a big fan of Star Wars and Cars! Levi enjoys watching his favorite show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Penny, the youngest, is interested in animal shows! Stephan and Samantha met at Busch Gardens, and enjoy taking their children to the park, museum, and the Zoo!

The home the family of 8 currently lives in is not suitable for the needs of the family. The flooring is coming up and requires replacement, however, no one has responded to their request yet. With loud neighbors, it makes it hard to create a calm environment for their children. “Our sweet 4- year-old son, Luke, is autistic and he gets overstimulated because of that noise. It would mean the world to us if he didn’t have to worry about that” Stephan tells us. Having stairs is a challenge for Stephan, as he suffers from severe back and knee pain that makes it difficult and painful to use the stairs daily. While the apartment does have a playground, it has been locked up, so he hopes to eventually provide a space for his children to play.

When Stephan found out he was going to be a homeowner, he was looking forward to having a home that will suit them. He explained that he is “happy that we finally don’t have to climb stairs daily and they our kids will have a yard to play in.” With his family growing up, building a solid foundation for his family to be raised in is very important to him. “I want to provide a stable home for my family for many years to come!”

If you are interested in applying or referring someone to our homeownership program, please check out our Apply Page on our website for more information.

“We were overjoyed and ecstatic, our kids were so happy to know that one day soon they will have a house of our own.”

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