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“I am building because I want to create a safe haven for children.”

Chari Jones has worked in Early Childhood Education at Operation Par Cosa Family and Guidance Center for the past 22 years. Chari is a loving and determined woman who has always dreamed of becoming a homeowner. She has hopes of using her home to give foster children a safe and nurturing environment until they can find their forever homes. Eventually, she would like to adopt to give other children a permanent safe haven they can call home.

Chari has been residing in the same unit for the past 10 years. Her landlord is selling the unit, leaving Chari without a home. Like many others, the rising cost of living and high rent is preventing Chari from finding a home. As a single, working woman, she wants a safe, affordable home, and needs Habitat to provide that for her.

After getting accepted into the Habitat program, Chari’s dreams can become a reality. “With a Habitat home, I will be able to create a family by fostering to adopting children” Chari tells us. She expresses her excitement in creating a home that can provide solace for children who lack a safe space.

If you or someone you know are interested in applying for the Habitat program, please visit the Apply Page.

“Home is where you feel safe.”

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