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“Home is where my family is. I know that as long as I have my family with me, I am home.”

Meet the Tepetate-Corona-Jimenez family, a loving and hardworking household of seven, including parents Zendaida Tepetate-Corona and Juan Jimenez, along with their five children: Ana (20), Joseline (16), Miley (12), Alexa (5), and the newest addition, baby Juan (5 months old).

Zendaida proudly shares, “My husband is very dedicated to helping us and being a good father to my daughters and son. My daughters are very hardworking. My second eldest, Joseline, helps out so much with the hours and going to the Habitat classes with me. She goes and does as many hours as she can and is still working hard to do great in school. We help each other out in my family, and I am so grateful for my daughters, my baby boy, and my husband every day.”

Their current living situation has posed numerous challenges, including rising rent costs, maintenance issues, and security concerns. Zendaida describes the tight quarters of their two-bedroom apartment where all the daughters share one room. She notes, “We all feel very tight in this apartment and a lot of the time it reeks outside our door because our neighbors smoke.”

However, their acceptance into the Habitat for Humanity program has brought newfound hope. Zendaida shares, “When we got accepted into Habitat, it felt like an impossible dream. Like a dream come true. I couldn’t believe it at first. In our Habitat home, it will be different. My daughters wouldn’t be in their room the whole time. They would be able to run outside and play. They can do so much more. I’m looking forward to more space. We won’t be so squished all the time.” For more information on how you can achieve the dream of homeownership through Habitat, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

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