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“Habitat has given us more than a home, they have give us back our hope of a blessed and fruitful future.”

Meet Kevin and Jamila, a remarkable couple whose journey to homeownership through the Habitat for Humanity program is a testament to determination, love, and faith. Kevin hails from Guatemala, a place where he grew up in a sheet metal home, amidst overcrowding and toxic relationships. His dream was always simple yet profound – a safe haven to call his own, a stable environment to nurture a family. “I came from nothing and feel that I am gaining everything I ever wanted: a home and a loving family,” he shares.

Jamila and Kevin’s love story, which transcended borders, began when Jamila visited Guatemala for a mission trip. A series of encounters led to an enduring long-distance connection, culminating in their wedding exactly a year later. Theirs is a journey of faith and mutual encouragement, fortified by an unshakable bond.

A serious illness tested their resolve, leading to job losses and financial stress. Despite challenges, their faith remained steadfast. Finally, Habitat for Humanity emerged as a beacon of hope. “Habitat has given us more than a home, they have given us back our hope of a blessed and fruitful future,” Kevin reflects.

Their Habitat home promises not just shelter, but a future filled with dreams and possibilities. “A Habitat home will give us peace of mind and affordable housing,” says Jamila. Their excitement for homeownership extends to the small things – a yard for gardening and a pristine bathtub for relaxing bubble baths. They are eager to pay it forward, to actively contribute to the organization that’s transforming their lives. “Every night we ask ourselves, ‘How can this be? How can these amazing people exist?’”. For more information on how you or a friend can apply to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page.

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The Orellana Family home was dedicated on February 27th, 2024.

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