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“Never be afraid to try. I always doubted myself. Now I’m putting me and my children first.”

Tomeka Taylor is a single mother of three who has been working for Pinellas County Schools as a bus driver for over two years. Her daughter, Jestice, is 18 years old and loves cooking, fashion, and working with kids. Her sons, Marcus (age 16) and Marquez (age 15), love playing sports and participating in hands-on activities. Tomeka loves being a mother and says there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her kids. The family is very close with one another. Tomeka says “We love to go to the movies and amusement parks. We love to try new things together as a family.”

The family of four has struggled with poor living situations and is ready to begin their journey towards their safe, secure, and affordable forever home. Their current apartment is too small for three growing teenagers and the landlord can take months to fix water leaks and other maintenance issues. When Tomeka received the news that she was accepted into the Habitat program, she was overjoyed. “I actually cried when they left. I’m just trying to show my kids that it’s never too late to do anything.”

Homeownership was always a dream for Tomeka, and now, because of Habitat for Humanity, she is able to become the first ever homeowner in her family. “I am most looking forward to being able to enjoy it with children. Me just getting out in my yard and tending to my flower bed. Somewhere I can stay forever.”

Tomeka encourages anyone who is interested in volunteering for Habitat for Humanity to do so. “Volunteering is everything. It takes a village to make anything happen. Without volunteers it would take you for ever. It’s always a blessing to be able to help someone else.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in making a difference in our community through volunteering, check out our volunteer page here.

“Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful program. They teach you all that you need to know to be a successful homeowner. This program is great.”

This home is sponsored by:

The Taylor Family home was dedicated on October 11th, 2022 and was the recipient of the Warrick Dunn Charities “Home for the Holidays” fully furnished home surprise.

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