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“A vision without action stays a dream. So trust God, believe in yourself, and never have too much pride to ask for help.”

Ron, a single father to three, has worked for Pinellas County for three years. “I consider myself a family man, so outside of work I enjoy spending most of my time with my children. I enjoy creating a healthy lifestyle for myself and my children. I am a Christian, so I take a lot of pride in teaching my children about prayer, while making it fun at the same time.”

Charlize, the oldest daughter, loves arts and crafts, bike riding, plants and flowers, gymnastics, and chess. Airelle loves coloring and painting, playing with dolls and barbies, baking, and playing dress up. Ronel loves the outdoors, bike riding, boats, reading Mickey Mouse books, and swimming. “We are all very excited about the opportunity to have our own home. The girls have already made plans for sleepovers with their cousins and friends.”

Ron recently moved into a three-bedroom home that is shared by his mother, grandmother, sister, and her two children. Although this was a temporary living solution at the time, he was denied housing time after time, and has not been able to move out. “It’s difficult not having a place of your own and having to inconvenience others to help with your living situation.”

“Going through the Habitat program will allow me to be an example to my kids on how to set goals, believe in yourself, and walk by faith. I will have a lot more peace in my life, and have the opportunity to give my kids a head start in life by having something that I can pass down to them.”

Ron is most looking forward to bringing his family closer together by having a comfortable place where they can have family gatherings. “Most importantly having a Habitat home would be breaking a cycle of three generations of non-homeowners in my family, which is lifechanging in itself.”

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