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“My life will be different because my family is living in a better environment. We will build strength and stability.”

Tiffany Scott is a BayCare employee who works in the Behavioral Health Department at Morton Plant Hospital and strives to make a difference in other’s lives. “I’m a firm believer that a smile goes a long way. It can show an unloved person that somebody out there cares about them and that special someone is me.” This kindhearted woman is also a mother to three children, Serenity (age 9), Jarrod (age 12), and Javante (age 20), and she and her family are working towards their dream of owning a forever home. The Scott Family is very close with one another and loves to spend time going on trips or visiting family. They also believe in putting God first in their household and they like to go to church together as a family. They are also very different in their interests. Serenity enjoys cheerleading and tumbling, while Jarrod enjoys basketball, football, and video games. Javante enjoys preaching the word of God and takes a strong interest in global and current events.

The Scott Family has faced many challenges over the past year, but they remain blessed to be together with one another. After Tiffany unfortunately went through family separation, she was hit with financial hardship and was forced to switch to the night shift at her job in order to make some more money to help support her family. Their current living situation is a struggle, as Tiffany and Serenity have to share a bed, as well as the two boys. They do not have enough storage for the items and feel incredibly cramped in their home. Soon enough, the family will be moving into a new Habitat home where they will have plenty of space to live and store their belongings.

As soon as Tiffany received the news that she was accepted into the Habitat program, she said “All I could do was thank God out loud. I also thanked everyone for accepting my family into the program. My thoughts were that my family was headed for success, stability and a place to call home.” She is excited and ready to raise her children in a safe and happy environment. Learning how to budget and save money is also something that Tiffany is looking forward to. “I’m ready to save money so that my kids future can be a bright one.”

In order to what was best for her children and her family, Tiffany reminded herself to not give up and to keep the faith. She applied for the Habitat for Humanity program and now her family is getting a brand new home that is safe, secure, and affordable. If you are interested in applying or referring someone to our homeownership program, please check out our Apply Page on our website for more information.

“My house will be a place to worship.”

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The Scott Family home was dedication on June 17th, 2022.

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