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“Having a secure and strong foundation will open the doors to so many life changing events for my family. “

“My family and I have been through a lot of ups and downs, but have been fortunate to find happiness despite it all,” said Taree, a Preschool Teacher and mother of three. “We are a close knit family and find affordable things to do in order to keep ourselves busy.”

Taree’s oldest daughter, Imari, is a performer at heart and loves dancing and acting. Her son, Kaleb, enjoys sports and drawing. Her youngest, Londynn, loves to play with her dolls and toys. “The past few years we have enjoyed being a football and cheer family. It’s something we can do as a family that we all enjoy.”

Being a single mother brought many challenges, but Taree says, “It takes strength and faith from within in order to overcome the toughest moments that you may experience.” Two years ago, the family was in a financial bind, leaving them homeless. “I promised myself I would do everything in my power to never be in that dark place ever again if given another chance.” At that time, she was given the opportunity to move back in with her parents in order to get back on her feet. Although it was not ideal to have three children share a bedroom, the experience pushed Taree towards her dream of homeownership.

“When I found out I was officially accepted into the program, I screamed with excitement. I could not believe it was really happening. After all my pain, tears, and suffering I finally had made it to my ultimate goal, and will now be paving a path of a better future for my family.” Taree loved the experience, especially having the hands on experience of building her home, and meeting “some of the most amazing and kind people who genuinely love what they do.”

“I look forward to creating memories and everlasting experiences with my children. To having birthday events, and gathering for holidays and more. I am building because I see a brighter future, and creating a strong foundation for my family. I want them to see that anything is possible, you just have to have faith and not give up.”

The Sanders family closed on their home in August 2020. To watch their home celebration video, visit https://youtu.be/n6LgEHiOBdo. 

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