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“With my new home I will be giving something to my family that I never had as a child. A place to grow up and call home.”

Chileta, a mother to three, works full time as a Certified Nursing Assistant while also going to school part-time. She is on track to receive her Associate’s Degree in Nursing to become a Registered Nurse. “We have a huge family, and are very family-oriented.”

Her daughter, Afarrah, is very bright and loves to read and help others. She was the top reader in her kindergarten class, reading at a 2nd grade level. “She even received the All-Around All-Star Award at the end of the year ceremony. She loves to help with anything- from cooking to cleaning to helping with her little sister. She is the best helper.” Chileta says her younger daughter, Afallyn, “lights up our world. She makes me so proud.” She is energetic and has a contagious smile. “To watch her do something that she couldn’t do yesterday brings us so much joy.”

After Chileta graduated high school, she lived with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend, which made her feel uncomfortable. After a few struggles, her mom forced her to get her own apartment. “Not having any money in the bank, no furniture, and no car, I felt I was not ready to be renting my own apartment. From that day on, I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck, living in places that I could never make a home. We’ve lived in bad neighborhoods, dangerous situations, and even had rats infestations. Now we’re living in a very small apartment that has mold.”

Now Chileta is ecstatic to have a new start for her family. “Life will be different with a Habitat home, because it will give me stability. My house will be a place that I am proud to call home. This program gives me the opportunity to do something that I never thought would be possible.”

“The volunteers get so much joy out of helping families build their homes. It feels so good to help others, while learning about building and maintaining your own home.”

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