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“I am building because my children and I need a home that we can forever call our own.”

LaShawn, a preschool teacher and mother to three, is looking forward to her family having their forever home. “Habitat for Humanity is heaven sent. Not only will they help me become a homeowner, but they will also help me become a better mother.”

LaShawn is a domestic violence survivor, who changed her life so her children could be safe and happy. Her daughter is a gifted student, and as a second-grader, is fluent in English, Spanish, and Greek. Her younger two children are both in the VPK class at their schools.

“We live in a two-bedroom home in a rough part of St. Petersburg. Our home has no heat, so we have to heat our home with the oven and a space heater. My children do not know any of our neighbors because of the crime in the area.”

LaShawn cried of happiness when she was accepted into the program. “My kids are so excited about having their own room and space. They will be able to invite their friends over and not be ashamed.”

She is very excited about completing her sweat equity hours, and working on the Habitat home sites. “I will be learning as much as I possibly can, so instead of hiring people to fix something, I can do it myself.”

“With this Habitat home, my children will be able to be children. We will all be able to play in a yard and have our forever home. My house will be my safe haven.”

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