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“Our house will be our legacy to our children and our future. It will be a place that we built from the heart.”

Originally from both Venezuela and Puerto Rico, Manual and Vanessa immigrated to the United States due to the economic crisis in their countries, the dream for a better education, and better medical and economic opportunities that would benefit their family. Manuel works as an electronic technician at Smiths Interconnect, Inc., while Vanessa is working towards being able to practice in this country as a lawyer.

The couple has two children, Oscar and Gabriel. Oscar loves school, especially math. Although he is only 10, he knows that he wants to study accounting or engineering when he goes to college. He loves to serve as the altar server at their church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Their son, Gabriel, was born this past December 2018.

The family has had trouble making ends meet with a high rent cost on top of their many monthly bills. Their house is “very old, the wood floor and windows need repairs, and reoccurring problems leave us with undesirable living conditions.” Manuel and Vanessa want stability for their family, and their children. “We would like to pay for something that is ours, not pay for someone else.”

“When I found out that we were accepted into the Habitat program, our dreams became possible,” said Vanessa. “My kids, my husband, and I will have a permanent, forever home, and will no longer have to worry about moving or switching schools. Owning a Habitat home will give my family so much stability and add happiness to our lives. It will allow us to accomplish so much more.”

“We know how important this program is. We are investing our time in the long-term success of our own home. We want to create a lifelong home and financial stability for our family. We hope to be volunteers, so that another family can experience what we will experience.”

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