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“My house will be a place where my children would always be able to come back to if life gets hard. It will be ground zero for my children to rest, reevaluate and start over. It will always be known as the gift God blessed us with, that will keep blessing others.”

Diana Rosado works as a receptionist/ warehouse manager at 3J’s Plumbing Service Inc. She is a single mother of three children: 19- year- old Robert, 16- year- old Ryan, and 11- year- old Royallin. Diana is a lover of reading, amusement parks and cooking! She takes part in church groups and helps serve her church. Robert loves video games, hanging out with his friends, and serving and helping others! Ryan enjoys playing sports, listening to music, being outdoors, and being involved in the church. Royallin spends her free time playing with toys, playing dress up, and doing arts- and- crafts! Diana has faced many struggles and battles in her life that she has had to overcome for herself and her children. Through a series of rough patches, she eventually moved her family out of the projects and to where she is now, in hopes of giving her family a better life.

Although Diana has worked so hard to get her family out of homelessness and into a rental, she still faces financial difficulties. Rent and utilities carry a heavy burden, preventing her from affording necessities for her children. She cannot afford new clothes for her family, and the possibility of homelessness is still alive. Her children face health battles daily, and the instability of finances and living has made their life difficult. With her dedication to providing a better, safer life for her family, she got approved for Habitat. Diana explains how her struggle is not just making money, but how to properly budget it. “The culture I grew up in didn’t teach us about credit and budgeting, I love the idea, but I’m struggling to understand it and how to apply it.” With the right tools and skills, Diana could start building a proper foundation for her family to grow.

Diana views her acceptance into the Habitat program as a new start from her past in the projects. “This Habitat home brings freedom from so many chains. It will break the chains of poverty, a cycle another generation being raised in the projects. Financial chain or unable to save and so much more” Diana explains. Diana looks forward most for a sense of stability in her own home, where she can feel confident in building a life in a home that won’t be taken from her. She hopes to create a space that will give her children a place of solace, to retreat to if life gets hard.

For more information on how to apply or refer someone to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page on our website.

“Habitat for Humanity was the blessing I never knew I needed, but so honored to have been given it.”


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