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“Home is where there is harmony and peace.”

Diana Rodriguez has been a plant operator for Pinellas County Schools for the past 5 years. Her and her son, 26- year- old Cristhian are responsible, dedicated workers. As a single mother, she works hard to provide a home for her family.

Diana has struggled with getting a house due to financial struggles. Due to the cost of rent, Diana has faced difficulties affording it and raising her children. However, through her hard work, she joining the Habitat for Humanity family, and gaining a home for her and her son. She encourages volunteering for Habitat, understanding how amazing it will be to be able to have a safe and stable home.

In Diana’s new home, she is looking forward to living a life of mental and economic stability. She wants to set a foundation for her family so she is able to build a future for her and her son. “Habitat for Humanity is a blessing…” expresses Diana. She feels this program is a great help to bettering the community, and through Habitat, she has learned the sacrifice that goes into building a home.

The Rodriguez Home would not be a possibility without advocacy. Our affiliate is making a further commitment and investment advocating for the advancement of affordable homeownership. You can learn more about our advocacy efforts by visiting our Advocate Page.

“I am building for my future and that of my son.”

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