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“I am building because I care for our family’s safety and want a home of our own.”

Edwin Roldan is an Assembler for Magic Tilt Trailers Inc. He and his wife, Yanitza Lozano, are eager to build their forever Home through the Habitat program. They are the proud parents of a son, Jenseph (age 13), and daughters Yairmariz (age 16) and Edilian (age 16). “We are a humble family that believes in working for what we want,” said Edwin. “From a very young age my father taught me to work. When I was 17 I was a construction assistant. It was a lot of work for a young man, but I needed to help my mother. When you do thing with your family in mind you find the strength to see it through.” In 2015 this family came to Florida from Puerto Rico. The language was a barrier, as was finding work and a home. “We came here and lived with my sister-in-law in a trailer,” said Edwin. “I found work at a boat trailer factory. No experience, no idea of what to do. But I knew I would figure it out because I needed to provide for my family.”

After three years in the trailer, Edwin’s sister-in-law left and now the family is alone in the trailer. On top of being in a small space, Edwin and his wife found out that two of their children have some learning issues that they never knew about while living in Puerto Rico. “We continued to push forward, but with every passing day I see our mobile home deteriorating and we cannot be there much longer,” said Edwin. That is when a co-worker told him about the Habitat program and he and his wife decided to apply. “When we were accepted into the program we felt eternally grateful and knew this was the blessing needed in our lives,” said Edwin.

This family is looking forward to being in a safe and secure Home that they can live and grow in forever. Edwin believes God has put his family in this fortunate situation, much like God can put you in tough situations. “We feel relieved and blessed and are eager to work for our Home. This is about working hard,” Edwin told Habitat. “We will finally have a safe place of our own. A place where we will create many great memories for years and years to come for us and our children and their future families one day.”

Edwin encourages others who are hesitant about applying to Habitat to do it: “This is a great program that will change you and your family’s life.” If you would like to learn more about our Habitat program please visit the Apply Page of our website.

“Our Home is going to be awesome.”

The Roldan-Lozano Family home was dedicated on August 9th, 2023.

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