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“I am building because I want my kids and I to have a Forever Home.”

Kimberly Jernigan is a CNA for Evara Health and has been in the medical field for 23 years. A busy mother of 3, Kimberly has two daughters, Kimora’ (15), Reginae’ (10) and a son, Reginald (13). “My kids and I love to go places together,” said Kimberly. “We love to take trips and experience new things and new places whenever we can.”  Kimberly has an active group that fills the calendar with school, cheerleading, football, video games, riding bikes, and little trips. But now this family is on their greatest journey – that of affordable homeownership.

Prior to getting into the Habitat program it was hard for the Jernigan’s to truly call any place their own. “I always have a place to stay, but it was not ‘Our Home,’” said Kimberly. “Renting a house is always a challenge because we never knew if someone would sell that house and then we would need to move again.” Kimberly’s kids would always ask why they had to keep moving around and wondered when they would have their own place that would be theirs for good. “When we got into the Habitat program my kids were so excited and we all cried tears of joy.”

Kimberly knows that by working hard in this program she will finally provide a home for her children. She enjoys the process of earning her home through sweat equity and homebuyer education classes. Whatever it takes, this single mother is willing to do it. “Having a Habitat home means no more fear of not knowing if we will get to sign a new lease to stay put or worrying about that property being sold,” Kimberly told us.

The Habitat program is not one that can be entered into lightly. This program requires commitment and understanding. Kimberly recommends that anyone who is on the fence about Habitat should take the leap of faith: “Go for it! You will not regret it!” To learn more about our program visit our Apply Page of our website.

“There aren’t enough words in the dictionary that can describe how we would be feeling when we move into our new home!”

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