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“I am excited to develop a new home with my special touches. I think I will call it my ‘Legacy Home’.”

Meet Cindy Roberts, a retired pediatric nurse and mother of four who is on her journey towards homeownership with Habitat. Cindy’s interests include gardening and creative cooking. Gardening brings her joy, and she is self-taught. In recent years, she has been studying medicinal plants, chop and drop growing techniques for vegetables and fruit trees, and pollinators. She loves to experiment with new foods and methods of preparing them, and she even makes homemade dog food and treats for her best friend Sonnyboy.

Cindy is a single mother and grandmother who has faced many challenges in her life. Having moved 29 times in her 68 years, Cindy has experienced housing insecurity and has struggled to find a safe and affordable place to call home. She has raised four children, worked tirelessly to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and suffered from multiple physical injuries resulting in permanent disability and complex PTSD. Despite these challenges, Cindy remains resilient and determined to find a place to call her own.

The opportunity to live in a home she can afford has lifted a mountainous burden off her shoulders. She plans to continue her passions for gardening and cooking and create a hub for her children and grandchildren to come and play. Cindy is excited to cultivate carefree memories and feel financially settled, especially since her grandchildren have never known her to be a homeowner. As she says, “I deeply long for this part of my life. I dearly love my children and grandchildren.”

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is a retail outlet that sells new and gently used furniture, appliances, and building materials to the public at discounted prices. By shopping at the ReStore, you can help support Habitat’s mission of providing safe, decent, and affordable housing to families in need, like Cindy Roberts. To learn more about how to shop, donate, or volunteer at our ReStore locations, please visit our ReStore Page on our website.

“Being selected by Habitat for Humanity changed my path.”

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