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“Home is where you create wonderful memories and is a place of solitude and peace!”

Ronele Kingery is a single woman who has been running from rent increases for years. Recently, she was accepted into Habitat for Humanity program, and this has given her hope for a better future. Ronele is both excited and scared about the program because it is challenging. However, she loves to learn and is determined to apply the knowledge she gains to create a stable future for herself and her family.

Ronele understands that courage, endurance, strength, and trust are essential qualities needed to face the challenges ahead. She believes that on the other side of fear is victory, and she is ready to fight for a better future. With a stable home, Ronele will finally have peace of mind, become strong again, and rebuild her life. She hopes to maybe start a business or go back to school to find a career that she can handle in her older years.

In her new home, Ronele is looking forward to watching her grandchildren playing in the backyard and showing them how to plant a garden. She also wants to have her children over for the holidays and enjoy much joy and laughter.

Ronele’s story is a reminder of the importance of affordable housing for individuals and families. Many people like Ronele struggle to find a stable home and face the risk of becoming homeless. Advocating for affordable housing is important so that everyone can have access to safe and stable homes. Learn more about how you can become and advocate for Habitat and affordable housing on our Advocate Page.

“My house will be a play of safety, joy, and love!”

The Kingery Family home was dedicated on July 24th, 2023.

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