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“Home is where my story will begin.”

Da’jua, a Life Insurance Agent/Customer Service Representative for New York Life, is working towards her safe and affordable home through Habitat. “I am introverted, but that’s because my work ethic usually speaks for me. I love being involved in anything that is of good service and I am very active in school activities such as student government, women on the way, and our student services program. My friends usually refer to me as the “mother” of the group because of my dependability and willingness to always help no matter what.”

She currently lives with her mom, who she describes as her biggest supporter. “She will give me her last if I needed, and she is always giving the most insightful advice.”

Da’jua’s current living conditions are “hazardous” as she says. She currently lives in a small apartment, where maintenance does nothing for the safety and upkeep of the space. “My need really comes from the essentials of having a stable foundation for not only myself but a future family I plan to have. The need of having a home without any hazards and maintaining it myself, as well as being able to afford it.”

Da’jua believes her life has completely changed now that she is accepted into the Habitat program. “I had nearly settled in the mentality that I’d have to continue renting and dealing with fluctuating rent amounts and instability from moving once again if it became too much. It was a very surreal moment because I did doubt myself from the initial time I applied but I just went for it and it got me here, I am so thankful.”

“My life is going to be so much more light, I have been carrying so many burdens from apartment to apartment growing up in the forever changing environments but a house will provide a clear mind and a safe space.”

The Quarterman Family Home was dedicated on December 20th, 2021 and was sponsored by Pinellas Community Partnerships.

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