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“I want to build a strong foundation for my son and have a home that he will be able to grow up in.”

Brittany has worked as a Pharmacy Technician for the past seven years, while raising her son, Kadyn, for the past two. She is currently enrolled at Rasmussen University finishing her Associate Degree and will be moving onto her Bachelors of Science. “I’m a hard-working, dependable single parent trying to give my son the best life possible.” Kadyn loves sports and being outside. He is always playing with his basketball hoop or playing baseball in the park. “My son and I are very passionate and love to help people. He’s always wanting to help around the house, and wanting to try new things.”

Brittany and her son currently live with her parents and grandmother. “It’s been challenging having so many people in one household, and not having any personal space. My son and I currently share a room, and as he grows we would face more difficulties.” She is now super excited to be accepted into the Habitat program and to be working towards a home of her own.

“I imagine my life will be very different because I have never owned a home before. Life will be a challenge for a little while, but it will all be worth it. I want to build a strong foundation for my son and have a home that he will be able to grow up in. A home where my son and I can make a lot of great memories together, and have a bright future.”

“Home is where you create lifelong memories together in. I am looking forward to have something to call my own.”

The Christman Family home was dedicated on December 17th, 2021 and was sponsored by Pinellas Community Partnerships.

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  • Michelle “memaw” says:

    Very proud of Brittany. She’s been working very hard for this. She works all week and volunteers every Saturday. On top of that, she is also doing her school work. What an amazing young woman and mother. I sure will miss them when they move out.

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