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“We are looking forward to every aspect of our home, from the front porch to the back walls and everything in between.”

Mario and Annamarie Pici are parents to five children and are ready to give their family a forever home with Habitat. Mario works for Humana and Annamarie is a personal trainer. Their two oldest kids, Alyssa (22) and Dominic (21) have moved away from home, but their three youngest, Michael (18), Antonio (11), and Gianna (8), are still living at home and love to play video games, wrestle, playing outside, and swimming. Gianna especially loves to play with her baby dolls and her rabbit. This Italian family is very close-knit and they enjoy laughing, going to the beach, and being creative together.

The Pici family is happy to find peace in becoming homeowners, as their past living situations have been stressful and challenging. They were in need of many repairs in their old home that were out of the scope of renters, so they never got fixed. Their first thoughts after being accepted into the program were “We were so relieved and happy that we are investing in our future and seeing a return on it just as we expected.”

After moving into their Habitat home, the family expects their life and future to be very different. “Imagining life in our Habitat home, we can envision how beautiful and well built we will be in a safe home, with us as the forefront of the decision making processes that comes along with being a homeowner.” The Pici Family home will be a place that the family can live happily and celebrate life events in.

Habitat homes, like the Pici Family home, could not be built without help from our jobsite volunteers. Mario and Annamarie share that “Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to network and meet people in the communities that spread love positivity.” If you are interested in volunteering on our construction sites, please check out our Volunteer Page on our website for more information on how to get involved.

“Home is where we belong.”


This home is sponsored by:

The Neeb Family



The Pici Family home was dedicated on April 25th, 2022.

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