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Ashley, a nursing assistant and mother to three, is working to show her children that hard work pays off. “I go to work and school so that my children can see that despite many failed attempts, I made it as a first-time home buyer and Registered Nurse.”

“The Parks’ Family are team players when it comes to house chores, babysitting, and working part-time jobs to have spending money for extra school supplies or clothes,” says Ashley. Her oldest daughter, Aaliyah, is driven to become both a Military Nurse and a businesswoman. Her younger daughter, Brianna, is very interested in sports, especially basketball and boxing. Her youngest son, Caleb, loves cars and sports such as soccer and karate.

The family currently lives in an overcrowded home, which leaves Caleb without his own space. “As a mother, I would like for my son to have his own room instead of sleeping on the couch or sharing a bed with me and his sisters.” With the cost of living so high, Ashley cannot currently afford a larger living space.

“Habitat for Humanity is a great program to show first-time buyers the tools for being a successful homebuyer. My home will be a great investment, and one of my goals will be complete.”

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