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Rhasheka, a nurse at All Children’s Hospital, is close to graduating from the University of South Florida with plans to become a Family DCF Social worker. She cares for her three children, along with her disabled mother.

Deronfonte has goals to continue his career in football and basketball, and wants to make it to the professional league in order to care for his family. Rhazjahne would love to become a surgeon. Lamariyah, the youngest, loves modeling and wants to become a professional makeup artist and designer.

Their current living situation is not functional for the family’s current needs. “I took on the responsibility of caring for my mom who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. The home is not accessible for a disability, and I can’t get the proper equipment needed to assist her with daily activities. Along with this, there is mold that causes Lamariyah to have asthma attacks.”

Rhasheka is looking forward to the stability that her Habitat home will bring. “After all of the struggles that my mom and daughter have been through, this is truly a blessing. My family and I will now have a space to grow. This opportunity means everything to me, and this journey has allowed me to teach my children that with integrity and hard work- anything is possible.”

“The greatest thing that I have taken from this program is that hope is still being delivered to wonderful people. It was really nice to put out so much energy and effort towards a good cause. The site supervisors are very knowledgeable, and they push you to learn new things that you can use once you’re out of the program. They give people a chance to create a new future for themselves.”

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