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“My house will be beautiful. It will be a fresh start for my family and I to make new memories together.”

Desiderata, a widowed mother of 8 children, works hard with her oldest daughter, Neolina, to provide for their family. Desiderata has been a housekeeper for 8 years, while Neolina works as a CNA, and for a popular fast food chain. “My kids help out to make sure I don’t overwork myself. We look out for each other, and really enjoy family time,” says Desiderata.

The two live with Desiderata’s two sons, Ejide and Michael. Ejide is very interested in computers, and likes computer engineering. Michael is very interested in gaming. “As a family we love to have everyone over for barbeques at least once a month.” The family currently lives in an unsafe neighborhood with a very problematic home. “The place we currently live in, constantly has mold. There is water damage, because the maintenance never takes care of the issues fast enough. There is always problems with the plumbing.”

Desiderate was surprised and very excited when she was accepted into the Habitat Homeownership Program. “This is by far the greatest thing that has happened to me in a long time.”

“This process is very much worth it. Volunteers get to build a house for people in need of a forever home. Seeing the happiness on the family’s face is everything. I am looking forward to coming home to my place, that is brand new and mine.”

“My life and future will be different with this home. I will not have to worry about the rent fluctuating all the time. My kids will always have a place to be. I want them to grow up in a place that belongs to us without any worry.”


Desiderata and Neolina closed on their home in November 2020. Thank you Jeff & Judy Mitchell for sponsoring this home and helping this family achieve their dream of homeownership! You can watch this family’s home dedication at https://youtu.be/Vgf29Zlj6zA.

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