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“I am building a home because I am securing a future for my children.”

Veronica is a single mother of four who has been in the Pediatric Medical Field for over 11 years, and is working towards becoming an RN.

The family of five is very outgoing and adventurous. They love to play games together as a family and to explore the outdoors. Veronica says “We love taking family trips and making new memories”.

Veronica and her family have struggled with having a big enough living space to accommodate their large family. They started off in a two-bedroom trailer, but as their family grew, their living arrangements became a challenge. “After a long search and realizing I could not afford anything else, my amazing parents stepped in and offered to swap homes until I could get ahead with my now four children.”

The family has been working hard on their Sweat Equity hours and they are eager to move into their new forever home. Veronica shares that she is most excited for everyone to have their own room that they can call their own.

“Never be afraid of the unknown. Set out on the adventure – you never know the surprises that await!”


The McKenzie Family home was dedicated on September 14th, 2021 and was dedicated in honor of Raymond James Bank.

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