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“I am building because my son needs stability and a place he can call home that will one day be his.”

Michelle Loader has been a Project Accountant at Consor Engineers for 4.5 years. She is also a single mother to her 11- year- old son, Emilio. Emilio enjoys being active, participating in fishing, gaming, and roller skating. After Emilio’s dad passed, Michelle took on the role of both parents, working hard to do the best she could for her son. She describes him as his superhero. Michelle finds joy in cooking and yoga, putting an emphasis on her personal health after watching her mom face health issues growing up. Together, the duo spends time together outdoors, or with sleepover parties and movies.

Michelle had been on her own for the majority of her son’s life, with little to no support from her parents. After moving to Florida, Michelle and Emilio moved into a one-bedroom apartment, as prices were too high to afford a two-bedroom place. As Emilio gets older, Michelle knows she needs to find a home with more space to respect her growing son’s privacy. However, due to the price continuously rising, she is unable to afford a new apartment.  She not only wants a place that can give her son his own room, but a place they can eventually call home.

Michelle’s goal is to provide a life of comfort for her son, protecting him from the struggles she had to face. When she found out she was accepted into the program, Michelle was shocked. “I thought it was a dream and had to pinch myself to make sure this is real” Michelle expressed. Thanks to the Habitat program, Michelle pictures a life of less stress. The ability to provide her son his own room was a goal of hers, and she can now achieve that goal. “I want my son to live comfortably and not go through the struggles I have…” Michelle tells us.

To find out more about how to get involved on the Habitat jobsites, visit our Volunteer Page on our website.

“This will be his forever home, even when he grows up and has his own family, I can help get him started in a loving home.”

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