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“I am building because I want to show my daughter that being a homeowner is possible.”

Jerica Hines has worked as an Accounting Clerk for Hilton Hotels for almost a year. She is a single mother to her 5- year- old daughter, Jizelle. Jizelle is an avid reader! She enjoys dancing, especially ballet. The duo shares their boldness and outgoing personalities. Together they go on walks, dance, or do each other’s make up.

Like so many other families, Jerica’s housing challenges are caused by increased rent. The apartments they can afford are small, not giving the family an opportunity to make a home out of their space. “Living somewhere affordable has caused us to be a little cramped into a smaller 2 bedroom with not much space to grow” Jerica explained. With her daughter growing up and require more privacy and space, Jerica turned to Habitat to help find the family a home that suits them.

After being accepted into the program, Jerica was able to imagine an easier life for herself, free of constant stress and concern of rising rent and the possibility of new property owners. Jerica has been enjoying the classes she is taking through Habitat. “It has definitely been an eye opener for me and the classes teach financial responsibility that I can use not only in the program, but also when I complete it” she tells us. For Jerica, this home will be a foundation for her family to thrive. “Home is where we will start.” If you or someone you know is interested in applying to the Habitat program, please visit our Apply Page.

“Habitat for Humanity is life changing.”

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