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“I can not wait to sit on my porch thanking God for the amazing journey and telling my grandchildren ‘nana help build this house’ .”

Latoya Jordan attended Hampton University on a track and field scholarship and later transferred to St.Petersburg College where she obtained her degree in Early Childhood Education. She is a mother to two children, Troy (age 26) and Dyi-mond (age 20). Troy is a member of the United States Army and loves to shop, play and watch basketball, and travel. He loves to visit family during his time on leave from the military. Dyi-mond is a major fashionista! “She eats, sleeps, and drinks make-up and even has her own YouTube Channel with looks she created,” he mother says. She loves to shop for the perfect outfit to go with her makeup looks!

Latoya describes herself as “genuine, supportive, hardworking and passionate.” She is known to work exceedingly and abundantly to achieve things that are important to her, even when things get tough. She has a passion for track and field and her motto when coaching is “focus on your lane”.

She tells us “I was raised in a single parent household and I was a single parent to my two children. I was always always praised, acknowledged and asked the question, “Latoya how did you do it?” Honestly without the Lord on my side I could not imagine other.” Many also describe Latoya as a “super-mom” for attending every event and function, cheering on her kids and being their biggest supporter.

Rent and crime rates have been a major struggle to the Jordan family. “Crime is increasing in the area with car break-ins, items being stolen off your back patio, and very limited parking for visitors with very high tow expenses if you are caught parking in the wrong spot.” They have also been dealing with mold issues for the past three years, with no assistance from maintenance or staff.

Latoya and her family were extremely blessed to receive the news that they were accepted into the Habitat program. “Walking back to my apartment I continued replay “congratulations you have been accepted into the Habitat for Humanities Program.” I feel to my knees praising and thanking God for this blessing for myself and family and surprised my daughter at dinner that night. We both cried the entire dinner with joy knowing God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly.”

Sweat equity has been a very amazing and useful experience for the Jordan Family. Latoya says “I have learned how to install and toilet and backsplash which I’m very excited about. I’m containing myself not to re-install my toilet!” She has also built many great relationships with the staff at Habitat for Humanity. “I have had an amazing one-on-one with finance that has blown me away and has simplified my life consolidating so many on my unnecessary bank accounts, ways to cut back on spending and ways to increase my savings.” She tells us she is actually excited to do her budget sheets!

“I look forward my family coming to visit without hearing “there’s no more visitor parking”, cutting my own lawn, and just taken in every moment.”

Latoya encourages anyone to apply for the program or volunteer and tells others to “go through trust the process”. She found the process very rewarding and she was able to write her own story for her family.

“When I started my journey I was nervous because I was not sure what the expectations would be. Would I be qualified? Is my credit score high enough? And sometimes you can disqualify yourself before you start out of fear. My journey has been amazing and  I’m currently assisting a friend with her application for the program. Apply, apply. If there are areas of improvements go through the orientation and speak with staff with recommendations and resources that can assist with the recommendations. I can not express enough how thankful I am to be apart of the program and having a home I call my own.”

The Jordan Family Home was dedicated on November 10th, 2021 and was sponsored by

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  • Jeneen Morris says:

    Beautiful Bio for a beautiful person! Congratulations Jordan Family ❤️

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