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“I want to teach my children that every brick adds up. You may start off with one and end up with a whole home.”

Sharika Hadley is a mother of five who has been working as a Workers Compensation Coordinator at Orthopedic Associates of West Florida for the past six years. She has four daughter named Jashaila (age 18), Yarnasha (age 16), Akeria (age 15), and Sharelle (age 12) and a son named Cunray (age 13). Her children are all very loving and Sharika considers them her “heroes”. Cunray loves football and track while Yarnasha, Akeria, and Sharelle love cheerleading. The eldest daughter, Jashaila, loves helping others and making people laugh. Sharika says “My children and I love to do picnics, sit by the water, and just talk about what the day has brought us and the hurdles we are all trying to leap over.”

The family of six currently lives in a four bedroom, one bathroom home. They are excited to move into their Habitat forever home where they will have more room to grow and hang out as a family. “I’m sure many of you know how it can be sharing one bathroom. Often times it runs everyone late starting their day. Also, the neighborhood I currently reside in isn’t the safest.” They have also struggled a lot after Sharika’s brother passed away in 2017. He was a huge help to their family, but they know that he would be so proud of them for working towards their new home.

When the Hadley family got their acceptance call into the Habitat program, Sharika cried tears of joy. “When Jack called me, chills ran through my body and I couldn’t stop shaking hearing that I had been accepted. I may have actually started crying. I am forever grateful!”

The family is looking forward to building and calling the house their home. “I know it would be different because my children and I will finally have something to call ours. We will no longer have to call a house a house because it will be our home.”

“If you ever dreamed of becoming a Habitat homeowner, spread your wings and fly right into the first step, because I am glad I did so.”



This home is sponsored by:

Mike & Debbi Young


The Hadley Family Home was dedicated on February 14th, 2022.

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