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“We will have our own home where we can feel secure, safe, and stable. “

The Hernandez family, consisting of Cristela, Victor, and their 19-year-old son Victor, has embarked on a transformative journey with Habitat for Humanity. Cristela and Victor have been married for over 21 years and they make it a priority to love and support one another. Their son enjoys reading and exercising. Unfortunately, young Victor was born with several health issues and life has been hard for him, but he is always in good spirits and very cheerful and brave.

Their journey began with a move from Wisconsin, driven by the desire for milder climates and better living conditions for their son. Victor Jr., with his health challenges, faced a daunting transition from high school to a world without its familiar routine. Faced with his isolation at home, Cristela made the difficult decision to resign from her job to support him. Despite these hardships, the family persevered, seeking opportunities that would enrich Victor Jr.’s life and restore his sense of purpose.

Cristela recounts their struggles, saying, “Our dream to buy a house was suspended.” Financial constraints and escalating rent forced them to rethink their aspirations. The family’s living conditions deteriorated with mold infestations, faulty windows, and persistent leaks. Then, a ray of hope emerged through Habitat for Humanity. Being approved as candidates for homeownership brought joy and renewed faith.

Cristela emphasizes how Habitat for Humanity is changing their lives. “It will make a great positive impact on our quality of life, it will be our dream come true. We will have our own home, where we can feel secure, safe and stable.” With Habitat’s support, they are achieving a level of stability they had thought was beyond reach.

The Hernandez family’s story underscores the importance of affordable housing initiatives. You can make a difference in families’ lives, just like the Hernandezes, by contributing to Habitat for Humanity. Your donation can provide families with not only a house but also a place where they can thrive, grow, and create lasting memories. Learn more on our Donate Page on our website.

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