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“My house will be life-changing.”

Crystal Hall is a resilient single mother who is part of the Habitat for Humanity program and is working hard to create a stable and loving home for herself and her two daughters, Tajina’e (14) and Cori’auna (8). Tajina’e is actively involved in basketball and track and embracing the joys of teenage life by hanging out with friends. On the other hand, Cori’auna finds delight in watching YouTube videos, especially those featuring kids playing with toys.

Crystal’s journey has been marked by challenges. The family’s living situation has never been ideal, and their previous rental experiences were short-lived. They faced an unexpected eviction, leaving them with just 45 days to pack up their lives and find a new place. This uncertainty led Crystal to the Habitat program, introduced to her by Ms. Ivy from the FSS program. Crystal expresses immense gratitude for this opportunity, sharing, “I cannot wait to have our forever home! We have never had that feeling of a forever home.”

Crystal’s determination to break the generational cycle is evident. She envisions their future home as life-changing, a place where her daughters can finally have their own rooms and a stable environment. Crystal emphasizes, “Knowing that this will break the generational curse is something I will be grateful for a lifetime. I want my kids and I to have a stable and forever home!”

Crystal’s story reminds us of the significance of having a safe and permanent home, something many of us may take for granted. By supporting Habitat for Humanity, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of families like Crystal’s. Consider donating to Habitat today, and join us in creating a world where everyone has a place to call home. Learn more about how to support Habitat by visiting the Donate Page on our website.

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