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Amanda, a Habitat homeowner candidate, has worked in the medical field as a CNA for about thirteen years, while juggling being a mom and working towards her forever home. “We are a very close family, and I am involved in everything my sons do.”

Her youngest son, Daron, is very interested in gaming and computers. He wants to build his own computer, gaming system, and apps. He is a very intelligent 12-year-old. Her oldest son, Atron, is all about basketball and idolizes Stephan Curry. “The three of us have an open line of communication and we talk about anything and everything. I am always open and honest with them about life. I try my best to teach them about finances and important things in life.”

The family has lived in public housing for the last 5 years, and Amanda has decided it was time to work towards more. “Although I am very grateful for what he had, I was tired of reporting my every move to them. This year we moved back home with my family in hopes of paying down debt and saving to purchase a home. I currently share a bed with my mother, and I am really needing my own space. I want to own a house, and live life on my own terms.”

“All I can feel is relief and gratitude! Owning a home will be a major accomplishment for me, and one step closer to having freedom. Knowing every payment I make is bringing me one step closer to fully owning my first home is an unexplainable feeling for me!”

Amanda and her family are very excited to learn through this program and be able to finally decorate how they want. “I’m already thinking of colors, and additions we can do later down the road! It’s been such a dream for my son’s to both have their own space that they deserve as they grow older.”

“My house will be my oasis and my peace. This is a life saver for me.”


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