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Access to safe, decent and affordable housing for many in our service area, our state, and throughout much of the country remains elusive. All too often families struggle just to afford the basic cost of a home. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected low to moderate-income households, further exacerbating the ever-growing need for affordable housing. Unfortunately, hammers and nails alone cannot fully address this social ill. Both broad-based and targeted policies need to be enacted (and sometimes repealed) to enhance access to affordable housing and ultimately accomplish our vision in which everyone has a decent place to live.

This is why our affiliate is excited to announce our 2021 legislative priorities! Priorities are separated into three categories (local/state/federal) and surround four issues that impact affordable housing.

1. Supply/Preservation of Affordable Housing

2. Expanding Access to Credit

3. Land Use

4. Communities of Opportunity

Click here or the picture below to read our 2021 priorities.

If you’d like to get further involved or like to know more, please subscribe to alerts or contact Sean King, Director of Government Relations & Advocacy at sking@habitatpwp.org.

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