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“My home will change my whole life.”

Karen has been working in the nursing field for eighteen years, with 5 as a CNA. She aims to go back to school to become an RN. She describes herself as a very hard worker who loves her job, church, and being with her family. “I’m very excited about owning my own home. I will have a place to spend more time with my grandchildren.”

Karen hasn’t had a permanent place to live for some time now, and is ready for the opportunity to have her forever home. “It’s very uncomfortable, and I would like something to call my own. Somewhere to have peace. I want to have my grandkinds over, and not live place to place.”

She was overjoyed to find out she was accepted into the Habitat program, and has enjoyed earning sweat equity hours. “My first thought was thank you Jesus. I am still so happy and excited. It feels good to be working, and helping others. It’s a very awesome experience to know that you helped build a house that a family is moving into.”

Karen is most looking forward to having a place to call her own, and not having the daily worry of where she is going to sleep that night. “I will be paying my own bills, and I won’t have to move ever again. I love to cook, and now I will have a big kitchen to cook in. It’s just so exciting to know that I will be in my own home!”

“I am building because I want to help someone build their home, while I’m building mine.”

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