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While raising her three children, Veronica has worked in the medical field as a Resident Aide, Phlebotomist, and now in Environmental Services at St. Anthony’s Hospital. “I am a very hard working mother, and I just want my kids to know that I try my best to provide the safest environment for them,” said Veronica.

All three of her children love to play outside and be active. Her oldest son, Jerrell, especially enjoys basketball. Her middle son, Jeverion, loves playing football. Her youngest daughter, Jevenni, enjoys dancing and cheerleading. “We are a very happy family. I love teaching my kids to be responsible and respectful, and they love learning new things. I want to teach them that there’s more to life than they think there is, and to always try your best in whatever you do.”

The family strives to live in a safer and cleaner environment. The neighborhood they currently live in is infested with rodents, crime, and dangerous activity. “I have to constantly watch my children because there has been a lot of gun activity, fighting, and security issues.” Veronica wants her children to have a safer place to play outside, and grow up without the constant worry of crime surrounding them.

“With a Habitat home, I imagine my life will be so much better. I look forward to the future with bringing my kids up in a place that we can call our own home with no worries.” Veronica says that being accepted into the program was “a breath of fresh air. We finally made it.”

“It’s a great feeling to know that there are people out there that are willing to help you. Thank you for giving me and my kids an opportunity.”

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