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Our donor spotlight shines on Evelyn (Lyn) Lynch. Lyn attended the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, became a registered nurse, and worked in pediatrics for 2 years.  Lyn and her husband Henry were married and left the city to pursue taking care of severely disabled persons with cognitive impairment in the community.  Henry had actually grown up in his family’s home (Mom a nurse, Dad a journalist from Ireland) with children like this. They shared a devotion to persons with severe disabilities and over decades expanded care to 250 people in community homes in suburban Philadelphia.  Their efforts received a national award for innovative care. Sadly Henry developed an unusual cancer and passed away in June 2014 after 2 years if surgery, chemo, etc. After caring for him for those 2 difficult years Lyn decided to retire from nursing to spend time with grandchildren. Another agency took over and continues to provide care.  Lyn says “I loved the work I did, as did Henry. That’s why I am honored to offer help to others in need.”

A good friend recommended Habitat for Humanity as an effective charity in the community. While attending a church near St. Petersburg the priest spoke of the homeless crisis in the area and the need for affordable housing. Lyn studied the effectiveness of nonprofits and considered the effectiveness of the donation she would make. She met with the Habitat staff and was impressed by the effective and compassionate use of her donations. Lyn is impressed with the amazing growth in serving families and bring hope to people. Lyn says, “ I feel joy that I am making lives better. The photos that I see from the dedications convince me of the good work my donation is making! “

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