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“The way you enter the program is not how you will exit the program. If you trust and embrace the process, it will all be for the betterment of you and your family.”

Myra, a mother of two young children, has worked in the banking industry for over ten years, recently with Bank of America. She believes that the homeownership process has been very rewarding for her. “I am now more disciplined with my finances, and enjoy saving. Managing my debt has been so important, and it gives me the confidence to raise my children with knowledge on making good financial decisions.”

She has a close bond with her children and says, “There’s never a dull moment raising two small children so close in age. They are always in a good mood, and we love to go on adventures together.” Her son, Noel, loves to work with toy tools, cars, and airplanes. “He’s such a helper, and acts as a little handy man ready to fix anything.” Her youngest daughter, Naima, loves to sing songs that she learns at daycare. She also loves to write, draw, and paint.

For over a year, the family of three have been sharing one bedroom in a friend’s apartment. Due to a lack of support and raising rent costs, Myra had no choice but to give up her previous apartment. “I gave a fully furnished apartment to a family in need, because I couldn’t afford a storage space at the time.” Myra says that although she feels blessed to have a roof over her head, it can be frustrating to have so little space for her family. “This experience has definitely humbled me in so many ways.”

“When I got approved for the Habitat program, I let out a sigh of relief. I did everything and more to make sure I would get approved. I was feeling like I had hit rock bottom, so working towards this gave me hope. It was just an amazing feeling.” Myra has loved the process of working towards her home so far. “I love going out and helping other candidates with their house, and hearing their story. Site Supervisors were always there to help make sure we did things the right way, so we have knowledge for the future and can fix things on our own instead of spending money.”

“I’m becoming a better woman and mother by becoming more responsible. It hasn’t been easy, but giving up is not an option. Looking back on a Habitat home will be living proof of the results of hard work, dedication, and helping others along the way.”

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