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“I am building because the future of my family owning a home depends on it.”

Meet Natasha Byrd, a single mother and a Carrier for USPS, who is on an incredible journey with Habitat for Humanity. Natasha is a devoted mother to her three children: Tarriyah (age 17), Roman, (age 16), and little Jarvis (age 5). As a family, they cherish their family Sundays, where they enjoy fishing, old-fashioned cookouts, and the great outdoors. However, their current living situation presents many challenges.

Natasha and her children currently reside in a cramped 4-bedroom home with urgent maintenance needs. The leaking roof has been merely patched instead of properly fixed by an unresponsive landlord. They have no sidewalk in their neighborhood, making it unsafe for the kids to walk home from school. The absence of a proper yard and parking area further adds to their discomfort. Flimsy doors contribute to their feeling of insecurity. As Natasha’s work hours vary due to her job at the post office, the situation becomes even more concerning for her children.

But Natasha’s story is one of hope and determination. She is building a brighter future for her family through the Habitat for Humanity program. As she puts it, “My home will be new and mine. I can come home comfortably and live comfortably. I am building because my family’s future depends on it.”

Natasha is most excited about the moment when she can walk through the door of her new home and hold the keys in her hand, knowing that it is a place where her family can thrive and be safe. Having a stable home will give her peace of mind and allow her to focus on maintaining her job and supporting her children’s dreams. For more information on how you can apply or refer someone to the program, please visit our Apply Page.

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