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The Brown family is looking to start their own legacy, and start a family in their home. “We are a highly motivated couple who strive to do the best we can in order to get far in life.”

LaToya has worked in the housekeeping industry for over 17 years. Her husband, Gabrial, has worked in the restaurant industry for over 8 years. They are very family oriented, and close-knit with their extended families. “I am building because we finally are going to have our very first home that I get to raise my own family in, and start a legacy of my own.”

The family is currently living with LaToya’s parents, and have had a hard time finding an affordable home. After being accepted into the Habitat program, LaToya says, “Now I can manage to get through the requirements and stay on the right track.”

LaToya and Gabrial described their experience earning sweat equity hours as a “fun adventure. We’ve been learning new things related to owning and repairing our home. And we get to know our neighbors by working with the volunteers who will be living around us. The process helps in the long run by repairing your credit, and gaining the knowledge you need to own a home.” The family said it built their confidence to be able to complete any needed maintenance on their new home.

“My house will be filled with hope. Habitat gave us hope that we are finally going to own our first home, and raise a family. It’s a dream come true.”

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